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About Maggie...

Magdaline "Maggie"Geffrard was born in Bartow Florida to Haitian immigrants Maxon Geffrard and Mimose Charles. Almost immediately Magdaline was drawn to hair and was taught natural hair braiding by her step mother Marie Lydia.  At 16 Maggie decided to take her experiences further and completed a state approved natural hair care class were she gained her hair braiding certification. At 16, Maggie also began working in a salon located in Winter Haven, Florida called Maxines. 


Maggie graduated in 2006 from Winter Haven Senior High School in Winter Haven, Florida.  After finishing all of her required classes a year early, in 2005 she enrolled in the dual enrollment program and began perusing her cosmetology licence.  By 2007 Maggie graduated from cosmetology school and became a licensed cosmetologist at only 19 years old.


After working in a Regis for two years and Maxine's for four years, Maggie decided to expand her brand to Atlanta, Georgia following the opportunity to attend a technical college on a full scholarship. 


In 2007, at 19 years old, Maggie moved to Atlanta Georgia were she was required to pass the Georgia State Board..AGAIN. She attended Proway Hair School were she transferred her Florida license and became a licensed Georgia Master Cosmetologist. After passing the state exam she began working in a series of dead end salons.  She then realize there was a growing need for compassionate, knowledgeable, and passionate stylist.  In 2015 Maggie decided to quite the hustle and bussel of traditional salons and start something social responsible yet innovative so she ventured out on her own.   




" I believe that my talent is my God given skill, a skill that is to be used to change the way that women feel about themselves, and  to bring out the sexy, classy woman that lives in ALL of us!"



Magdaline Geffrard

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